Monthly Archives: January 2013

Time is on my side

At last i feel like i am going to get some time to make more plans for this epic adventure, the like of which has not been seen since King Richard drove his mk3 escort to Syria in the days of the crusades.
I want to spend time looking for sponsors and look into places to stay. I am really looking forward to dipping my feet in the Adriatic and the red sea, driving over the bridge into Asia and spending a couple of days in Istanbul which will be the furthest east i have ever been, and the furthest from home the Astra has been. I think this trip will be very different from the Arctic challenge of 2011, the traffic i think will be a significant difference and may cause us issues, much more than the quality of the roads and the weather which were the concerns in the Arctic circle.

More bloggs soon and perhaps some photos of the old girl

Just giving sponsorship page

I have set up a just giving page and we are hoping to raise £1000 for Hope House children’s hospice.

I am also looking into a new web site for this blog, more on this later.
The car still need work but I have fitted two new tires on the front, the old ones were near the end of their life and I wanted to have a bit of extra traction in the snow that currently covers mid Wales. I will be donig more road trip related activities over the next few weeks and will report back more often.