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Taken, I have been

I think we should celebrate this epic trip by having some business cards printed; I am going to look for a good cheap place to get them done. Oh, what’s this, Vista print, business cards for £3.12? I am signing up; this is great value.
Here is how the final price broke down.
£3.12 was for 25 cards, not a lot of use really, I want 250-n that will be £10.62
I took the opportunity to up-load my own design £1.87
And a design for the back £1.87
Black and white only on the back, I didn’t see an option for invisible ink £1.66
Gloss paper (as opposed to what…Toilet paper?) £1.87

By now I was more than a little irritated, but it was done and all I had to do was check out? Oh no Mister Bedford we still have one more opportunity to take you to the cleaners, we think a donation towards postage would be aproriet at this juncture here are the options, bear in mind we leave in a month
Standard delivery 14 days                                                                                £3.59
Priority (Priority ie it hangs around on some photocopier for 7 Days)  £8.16
Rush (3 Days, Amazon and eBay can get this overnight, that’s rush)    £15.04
Express                                                                                                                 £18.80
So my pack of business cards that I thought would cost me in the region of £3.12 actually cost £32.94, more than 10 time the original estimate, I will never deal with this company again, probably the most resented purchase I have ever made, HM revenues and taxes could use Vista Print as an analogy for the pain of payment, handing over my hard earned to the taxman is a philanthropic donation in comparison.
Anyway, back to the car, Yep definitely not good at present…



Just Giving just started

Today i can report the first donation on our just giving site has been made,  I am sure that this will now snowball and it has encouraged me to start promotion of the trip. So Julie of TI Automotive, thank you, you are the start of something big,   well bigish.   Nick has secured a premier dot com website name, we will be on goggles front page at last.   Before long you will be able to type in and go straight to our blog. We wanted a short snappy memorable name, but none were available so we chose this. Give us a couple of days and it should go live.

News on the car, its knackered.

But you already knew that. I find it quite reassuring knowing my car is not really road worthy, rather than finding out on a wet monday morning when it dumps its oil on the Shrewsbury bypass and leaves me stranded. I am used to that concept, if it to happen again I will cope, I’ll be reassured by the fact that it’s worth just as much broken down as in ‘working order’.

I have a plan to make it go a bit faster, I am fed up of lorries overtaking me on hills. My plan is this. Get new injectors, get the exhaust fixed and change the fuel filter. It should make a difference. I spoke to Keith at United Diesel (now I have mentioned you on our website can I have a discount please? he recondition’s injectors, I asked him if mine needed doing, I explained the smoke, the lack of power, the starting issues, the miss firing he was fairly convinced that the reconditioned injectors (£50 each) would help. Then I mentioned the quarter of a million miles on the clock. The phone went quiet for a minute and I heard muted laughter in the back ground, then he came back on and told me they would be ready in a couple of days. I take it they need doing!

I have noticed that the fuel consumption has got worse over the last 100 thousand miles, now hovering at around 53 MPG.

Thanks to Tony for sorting out my satnav. Tony knows all things tech.

I have been very busy at home with DIY, that bit is nearly done now so more blogs and more preparation.

Catch you all again soon


Language preparation

So with Simon putting in all this effort I thought I had better contribute something as well. To this end I have purchased two phrase books, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. I can now ask for the nearest garage in upwards of twenty languages, all be it with some impressive facial gymnastics when trying to pronounce some of the words. If I have to gurn my way through the Balkans so be it. I am determined to be useful on this trip.