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The German national pass time is tailgating, they have become so good at it and are so proud of there skills that they like lo flash their lights to encourage you to witness their talent. People of Germany, I admire your tailgating ability, next time you are tailgating me at 90miles an hour, flash you lights an I will show you my talent for slamming on my brakes!

To the German people and the highways authorities
Today a speed camera flashed at me on my way north to Rostock. I confess I was doing 75 in a 70, unfortunately I have mixed my measurement mettafors, I was doing 75 miles per hour in 70 KPH zone, bad news.

However I have no appologies for the BMW I cut up on the motorway, touché.

We had to re route when we found that the motor way had ground to a standstill, I think Claus’s Beemer and become one with the Armco, it stopped the traffic and we had to divert to Rostock. In fairness, the German road system is excellent, the road surface is second to none, the German drivers all maintain a healthy speed. The autobahn has no sped limit, that left the door open for us to push the astra to the limits and hold it there for an hour, We covered some serious milage.
Clive drove today On the autobahn for a good way, it is easier to drive on motorway and duel carriageway, we got in a bit of a pickle when we got off the motorway, the trip would have been over but for Clive’s lightening reflexes, it is difficult to know where to look when crossing the carriageway, we got away with it. I had a similar occurrence following a truck out of a junction with out looking, Doh! I then proceeded to jump a red light in eagerness to get away from the car I had just cut up, If the lady I cut up reads this note, I am sorry,

I am really looking forward to putting another sticker on my front White wing with the milage and destination of ,the trip to go with the one for John o groats.

we are now on the ferry to Sweden, we are both looking forward to scandinavia. I have to find a wi fi hot spot to publish my blogs.

South of Rostock we drove through around 50 miles of Forrest, it was a wonderful bit of road with exeption to the speed camera. Germany has been fairly flat with the exception of some hills about 100 miles Sotheby’s of the Baltic. Diesel was 1.48 euros per litter on the autobahn. We have done around 550 miles today, it has been quiet had work especially when you maintain fairly high speeds for a long time.

Sleeping on the floor in the ferry tonight, no bunks left. I am trying some sleeping tablets Elaine gave me, hope to get a few hours sleep, the ferry is due into port at six am.

my beautiful ( have I spelt it correctly Ray ) Astra has performed impecably, she has over taken mor mercs and Beemers in one day than ever before. The fuel consumption looks good too, we have filled up twice today, but the second time ther was about 10 liters remaining in the tank, diesel is cheaper in Germany than Sweden.

Route now coming together

Tonight I have started to draw out the route on the map. The roads in Norway are supposed to be good but they seem to go a long way round. We have found a glacier just above the arctic circle that is worth a look, but it is a 300km round trip. Going to look at the time table to see if we can make it with in the schedule.