First blog in Sweden

We arrived at 6.30am on swedish soil or tarmac, the ferry trip was really smooth, had a couple of pints on the ferry before bed, no other Brits on the ferry as far as we could see, last British car we saw was around 200 miles before the ferry terminal. We had to pay three euros to get into the ferry port, not quite clear why, probably some sort of port tax.
driving through sweden is like driving through an advertising set for toothpaste or some pine based cleaning product. Its all squeeky cleam and fresh. We went over 1000 miles into the trip not long after we got off the ferry,

Notes on sleeping tablets
If you anticipate you are going to struggle to sleep ie when having to sleep on the floor of a noisy ferry, you might be tempted to tak a couple of sleeping tablets.. Being keen not to poison your body you might opt for the herble type. take my advice, don’t. They taste vial, with in five minutes your brain turns into an empty vessel with all your thoughts wiped. Then you stay awake with nothing to think about but the phisicle remind of the taste in the back of your mouth. Then when you do get to sleep, you wake up with a hangover unlike any other and you are really tired. Take my advice don’t do it.

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