Saturday in Sweden

You can only write a blog if you can up load it to the net, this has been a major headache, it is now 12.30 and I am still up trying to get something together while I have a connection. We have driven 755kms today, around 500 miles.the high point was the giant bahco adjustable spanner in Encoping. I did not expect such a treat after having traveled ov one thousand miles to find the birth place of the inventor of the adjustable, such a spectacular memorial.
We did not have quite as much luck at the place where the chap who invented the zip was born. We had to drive around several times then found it was at the first place we had looked. Clive had a photo from the first visit to Sonarp Farm so we did not go back, more details of these two Swedish inventors below.
We traced north to Garvle where we found a youth hostile. 620 SEK for the two of us and breakfast. Its not a nice as the dragon hotel in montgomery but, a cracking deal, save a load of stress, that is very roughly £60.
Went out for a pint, £13 for two and some more junk food, Keith’s bread will conger the negative effects of this chemical cocktail in the morning,
we will soon have to be dealing with our third currency of the trip, it is getting really complicated working out the value of stuff, I really knead an accountant to help me with this, I hear Cadwallader and co in Welshpool are an excellent team of accountants,

That’s three sponsors seamlessly mentioned in one blog!

the blogs I have done today are probably out of order, I hope to edit them soon but now I must go to bed,

just one note that may interest you. We aime to get to the arctic circle in the next couple of days, however, there is an other potential destination that we are looking at going too, the north cape, this is around 700 miles further north. We are not yet clear if we can do it and will have to calculate the times and distances at noon tomorrow when we get to Umea. This will make the arctic circle challenge a real challenge! I want to do it but not sure about putting the astra through an extra 1500 miles, if something does go wrong so far up, we will be in a real pickle. Time to go and sleep on it. Thanks for reading, please sent me a message via t
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