The road to Dover

The road to Dover
Dispute setting off in plenty of time for our six o’clock ferry to dunkirk, the M25 had diffent ideas for us.
Due to road works and traffic volumes, we had to give up on e six o’clock ferry wen we were over 80miles away. We rescheduled for the eight o’clock one. We made it in plenty of time.
It took two hours to cross the channel.
We set off to Dunkirk at 11 o’clock location time and it was 105 mile away according to Sally satnav. Fortunately the Belgians had known about our trip for some time and were expecting us to be a bit be hide schedule so they had very kindly built us a three lane motorway which they had largely cleared of cars. The motorway went from the port directl to the hotel, I love the belgians.After I booked the hotel, based on price and location, I had a look on trip advisor to see how it was viewed by others. The first comment that came up said “crap, do not stay here” Sally satnav took right to the door and given the state of the holiday inn neon sign that resembled something out of hotel paradisio, I began to think trip advisor may have been Right.

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