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Fez to Tinghir

Monday 4th April – Fes to Tinghir

Breakfast was pretty good – pancakes, fresh coffee, yogurts, croissants and a cake that resembled Victoria sponge. Left Fes for our next destination – a place called Tinghir. Stopped for a quick break and to collect supplies such as water. Whilst Nick tried to buy a Morroco sim for a phone, Simon had fun waiting in the bank. Whilst we set off from the car park, we witnessed a bloke get run over. We headed for the Atlas Mountains, on the way driving through a forest with monkeys in it, they were hassling cars for food in a car park. As we heading upwards, the greenery gave way to sand and stones. It was clear people weren’t as well off as we had seen in Fes, many made a living by selling fossils on the side if the road. The roads meandered up through the hills. We stopped on top to let the cars cool down- mercury was around 32 degrees. As we took photos a lady (either 15 or 50) approached us with a lamb in tow. In exchange for a litre of water, she allowed us to take some photos. Simon showed her her picture, she had never seen it before and asked for him to show the lamb it too! We also met some hungry children who we gave some Princes Gate water too, and some crisps, they were very happy.

Throughout the day we came across some British motorbikes on a similar style tour. You’d think they would of been vaguely interested but no. The chubby one we approached (hello if you are reading this) was grumpy as hell – obviously not having a good time.

High plains on the Atlas

Into the desert


After some long long roads bad navigating last lorries using their engine to break down the hills, we reached Tingjir.. Streets were a maze of open sewers with only rubble to warn you.

After eventually finding the hotel, we met our young host Mohammed ( coming to the Dragon soon?) . He showed us the roof terrace where we had a drink, and ordered food. It was dark but we could tell the view of the old 3000 year city would be immense.

View from the hotel balcony

One of the rooms

Hotel was rustic, no water in the evening, walls made of straw. Food was late and ok, they seemed of sourced 6kg of cous cous for Simons plate however.