Day One – To the ferry

Out of all the people we passed on the motorway, i dont think any of them were going on an adventure like ours, They were just going about thier day to day tooing and frowing oblivious of the fact that the 1993 Vauxhall astra they were sharing a carriageway was off on the longest journey it had ever made. A journey that if all goes well will transit at least 16 countries, two continents and 5000 miles. A journey where there is potential for adventure and disaster around every corner, a journey where we will meet up with friends and loved ones in a far away land and we can all have some fun together.

Anyway, enough of that, The journey down to dover went well, a bit of a hold up on the M25, but we should have expected that. We stopped for fish and chips in Dover, A tradition now for team Astra, Clive and I had done the same thing in September 2011 on our way to the Arctic circle. If this trip is half as good as that one its going to be great. The high point of the trip so far was Hellens cakes, Flapjack to be precise, it was perfect, delicious, and presented in foil and grease proof paper as good as any cake shop. WELL DONE Helen, your ace.
We got the wireless gubbins working and booked a hotel in Reimes. It is about 2.5 hours into France, the ferry was late sailing so we wont arrive until after 1am. had some potentially good news at the ferry terminal, the French are on strike tomorrow, so we wont be able to come back on the ticket we bought, it was a Sun newspaper special £21 return over night. we only intended using one part of the trip but now they are not going to be able to bring us back, they will have no reason the apply any penalty clauses for us not turning up on time.

Ferry is as expected, a feint odour of Sick, uncomfortable seats, lots of opportunity to spend money on shite. still it floats my boat when its a necessary tool for adventure.
NIck has just got the coffee in, happy days Bon soir.


It begins

It Begins



Dover brew

Dover brew


4 thoughts on “Day One – To the ferry

  1. Just in case, here are some useful sayings in the countries you maybe visiting …..

    French …… ma voiture est en panne (my car has broken down)

    Italian …… la mia auto è in panne (my car has broken down)

    Serbian …. мој ауто је оборио (my car has broken down)

    Chinese …..我的车已经坏了(my car has broken down)

    Yiddish ……. מיין מאַשין האט צעבראכן אַראָפּ (my car has broken down)

  2. Hi both
    Hope all is well. Meeting Elaine later. Temperature in Istanbul in 20s on Tuesday and Wednesday so really hope you get there. See you soon.

  3. So far so good then! You have covered the first centimetre on the map in truly magnificent style. Look forward to tomorrows report.


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