Easter Sunday

The lake that Pogradec sits beside is huge, you probably would not see the other side on a clear day, never mind the drizzle we woke to on Easter Sunday. We headed south towards Greece, the roads were significantly better than those in the North of Albania, the legal minimum depth for southern Albanian pot holes is only a foot. We were pulled over briefly at the Greek border, a communication problem I think. It wasnt so much that they couldnt understand English, they just couldnt understand how we had managed to get there.

Northern Greece had numerous road warning signs, some of which were for donkeys crossing the road. We didnt see any so assume that this is either aspirational or the donkeys have all emigrated to Albania, or Tescos have been to Northern Greece.

Heading South towards Meteora Sally spat the dummy again and would not help us with directions, she gets a bit pissy if you dont treat her with the utmost respect. So we resorted to a road map, archaic and edgy I know but after driving Albanian mountain roads in the dark we were looking for something more challenging.

I defy anyone not to be impressed by Meteora, it is a truly truly stunning place. The whole setting is impressive, not just the monastries. It was so impressive that it warranted a fry up, veggy burgers and scrambled egg. An interesting combination, the pan is not coated and has seen cleaner days so perfect fried eggs just werent going to happen. Eating sandwiches overlooking the Meteoran monastries was a worth while experience.

On towards Turkey, we had not booked anything so took a punt while we were driving on a place the other side of Thesalonika, believe it or not called Stavros. We arrived about 8:30 and found a bar on the sea front that was still open, I dont know the names of the folks we met but we will call them Mr and Mrs Stavros, very friendly, made us a huge Pizza, one side vegitarian the other carnivore, and plyed us with Greek wine and Ouzo.

Big day for the car today, it finally hits another continent. More later.

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