Fitted kitchen

The desire for a mew kitchen is not something that I could normally be accused of, the old one is fine would be my default answer, as it would be for many request for new stuff. But when you start to make improvements you sometimes realise that something new would be good. I have found this while fitting the kitchen area out in the back of the Astra. While hunting around for a second hand stove I have decided I am going to by a new one. Ive been in touch with Charlies store and a really helpful guy in the camping area made a few good suggestions and I am off tomorrow with my twenty pound note to lash out. Wait till I post a photo, it is going to look ace. It will feature a worktop and hob, a grill and a breakfast bar. All you folks who have spent thousands on camper vans, wait till you see what I have done with 20 quid and some old shower panelling.
I have looked into European breakdown insurance, lets just say that given the age of the car it would be cheaper to fly home 1st class British airways and leave the car where it stops. So Nick , grab your self a copy of ‘how to fix a broken down car in the dead of night in pouring rain’ and get reading!
Putting things into perspective, Driving in to, work on Tuesday just before the M54, A car in front of me in the next lane braked and the car behind him and to my right arse ended him big time. Glass and plastic showered the front of Astra, not my favourite event of the day.
What’s happening regarding the trip I hear you ask. Well things are moving forward a pace, I have emailed press releases out to three major newspapers, none of whom have either printed anything I sent them or acknowledged my mail, such is life, I have been back in touch and they assured me they will do something. We have a fund raising bash going on at home in the next couple of weeks, hope to make some money for Hope House. Done a bit more maintenance on the car and a bit more planned. Things are coming together and I am keen to get going. More tomorrow Why not go to and make a donation, two so far, Many thanks .

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