Good Friday

We should have got up at 8am, we should have grabbed some breakfast and got on the road, we didnt, My alarm didnt go off on time so we got up at 10 and then thought we had an easy day ahead of us so had a cooked breakfast, fairly relaexed really, Sall had a shock in store for us, we got her up and duscused routes, olney  for her ininfomr us that Dubrovnic was a long way away and it would probably take all day. She was right, we must listen to her in future. There was silence in the car only to be broken by sally newly authoritiative tone directing us along the way. We climbed up from the near coast are where we stayed, to arond 900m and twere surprised how much snow ther was, although it rained all morning, it was the visibility that caues us the main concern, the low cloud reduced our speed down to less than 20MPH in some places and even at that it did not feel safe. At one point a white van came up behind us and didnt see us in time and had to swerve to miss hittin out back end, i had to swerve in the oposite direction, i had seen his lights before he saw mine. Not good
By around 1pm, the waether picked up and we headed down to the coast. We enteres Croatia via a couple of the most miserable customs staff you ever did see, fist time our passport had been looked at.
We bought a jar of honey from a girl on the side of the road 10 euro for a big jar, happy days, we saw about ten little stalls selling honey over the next 15 miles. perhaps we could have got a better deal, 10 euros is a fair price.
Dthe miles we had to cover to get to dubrovnic from Sloveinia, (5 miles south of Triest, was significant, we had to take something out or it would be 3am arrival again. We chose to ditch both Nocola Teslas birthplace and Mostar, in the hope that that would give us some time to explore Dubrovnic. We are now 200KMs fro  dub and it is 5;40. to be concluded.

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