Helpful Slovenian duty free girls – Friday 5th

Friday in the hotel and I feel quite hungry, I think a full veggie breakfast is the order of the day to fortify us for what might be a five country day. However I am sure I am about to be disappointed. The waiter in the restaurant offered us eggs, they cannot do toast but we can have bread, and a cup of coffee, and that was pretty much what I got. An omelette a very Small pot of coffee and a big mug, as used to hold a big cup of coffee, and some bread rolls, oh and a glass of apple juice. I don’t think it could have got any more basic. We  Didn’t think it was worth asking to have our cups filled with hot water. However in there defence, for the money, it was a surprise to have any breakfast included. We had enjoyed Nis but in the word of Fu Man Chew, the time has come for us to leave.


I love motorways, especially featureless ones that pass through endless countries only to be Punctuated by fat miserable customs people who hate us for no apparent reason. We went Through five check points today, the usual checks to vie pass ports, examine the contents of our back seat and discus safety issues relating to having explosive gas cylinders in the boot. All of them miserable except the check point as we left Croatia. The rest of them Have done my PTSD no favours following a scene on the Hungarian border some years ago. Hers a good tip, when driving in Slovenia and Austria always buy a vignette, this is a Transit pas and if you don’t have one and you get caught, it is going to sting, fortunately, us being lucky bastards, we drove all the way through Slovenia without one and didn’t get Caught, but thought the better of taking the risk in Austria and stopped by to see some most beautiful girls in the duty free shop in Slovenia to buy one. In passing I mentioned the vignette for Slovenia and told her that I didn’t have one, She said we had been very lucky because there are big fines for people who don’t have one, she told me that if I went up the stair and looked out of the window towards the Austrian border, if there was a white van waiting on the road, then they would pull us over and fine us, I went up the stairs and sure enough, there they were. A Slovenian vignette was dully purchased and I thanked the Girls for their help, if you are reading this, thanks again. you saved us a lot of money.


This is a five county day, we left Serbia, went through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany is where will hope to spend the night. On the way, the high point has to be the Arnold Swarzenegger Museum, although it was closed when we got there, we had a look at the Statue outside. Had a few photos and now as I write, we are 80 miles from Bertchersgarten which is a small town below the eagles nest, Hitler’s castle. That will also be closed but we knew that, it is out of season. We have booked into a youth hostel there and have to be there before ten, we can’t afford to miss this as we will have nowhere to stay. Tomorrow we head for the nurburgring and hope to get a lap in before it closes at 8pm


At the croation border, the guard, as is traditional, asked us where we had been, He was the best of the bad bunch, he had to intrust us as we started to reel off 15 European Countries, he sent us on our way. We have a routine at the border crossings to ensure everything runs smoothly, we have both passports, car reg doc, MOT , Insurance green Card, driving licence for the current driver.  We dismount the forward facing camera and generally make the car look a bit tidier to avoid questions, we only ever tell them the next country we aim to visit to avid questions, and Usually just give them on or two of the previous ones, this way they don’t ask to many questions.


Now in an Italian restaurant in Berchtsgarten, we have found the youth hostel and we are going back there as soon as we have had something to eat. Its a great place with a really friendly lady looking after it, there arnt many people there, cost 60 euros per night.


The reason we have not been keeping the web site up to date is down to a bit of tec that we bought to keep us on line while mobile, it worked fine until the 1st of April when we were supposed to fit a new sim which didnt arrive at home to we had left, not a lot of good there. Its really annoying as we were both looking forward to blogging every day. I am sorry readers if we have let you down, The people at tep will be recieving my wroth as soon as we get back.

Me and Nick will be having a few beers tonight and then later will will be having a snorring competition, we expect the other guests in the hostel to be the judge but we home to be out on the road before they announce the winner, I have a feeling who that might be.

An observation of Austria, comparatively, all cars are almost new, but given my view point, almost all cars except museum pieces are newer than mine. I am looking forward to getting a notably slow time around the nurburgring tomorrow, just as proof positive i drive a crap car. However you look at it, this car has been the catalyst for travel, John O Groats, the Arctic circle and now asia, it has been a creator of adventure and over all that time and Mileage, it is still worthless, or should I say priceless.

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