I really struggle with the water

I really struggle with the water when I go away, every day I have got up with a head ache since we set out,

This morning we left Germany and head for the Nurburgring, about 450 miles. We were both pretty tired but given we were driving such a high performance car, it ate up the miles on the smooth German motorways. We managed to get the old girl up to 100 MPH before I backed off safe in the knowledge that there was plenty more where that came from.  It was a featureless drive to ‘the ring’ is us racing car drivers call it, once we were within about 20 miles we went off the motorway and the countryside was really good, loads of Big wind turbines, Ace, I love them.

We arrived at the ring at around 4:40 had a bit of a drive around the periphery while we established where to go then we spotted a visitor center, we parked up and wandered in, the chap told us to drive down the road and buy a ticket, then go round the circuit. It sounded all together too easy. So we drove to where he said, I bought a ticket and we drove onto the circuit, No training, No safety lecture, not checks to the car, no check of our driving licence, nothing.  So we drove on to the circuit, our 26 euro pass for one lap in hand. The gate opened and we were off, plodding towards the first corner. It was not clear where the circuit started, so I just started to go a bit faster and it became apparent we were on it. Now I know you all know my car is a fast high performance racing car in the guise of a hatchback / campervan combo, but I was surprised to learn, which a did very quickly, that there are even faster cars out there. Given our relative lack of experience, we decided to let some of the other cars pass and focused more on the lovely scenery through the forest area of the course. After the first few KMs we felt confident enough to go a bit faster. There are some corners that aer banked and you can drive them really fast, its great fun, I was surprised how hilly the circuit was and it was quite demanding on brakes on the down hill sections. We both enjoyed it and almost managed to touch 100mph which converts to 450KPH in the local currency of speed. We drove off the circuit and went to the local garage to buy a sticker. We had driven the nurburgring, with out doubt the most challenging race circuit in the world if not the universe and had done it in an impressive time of 18 minutes, the fasted time ever recorded. We felt pretty proud of our selves and started to plan the night entertainment in celibration of our success.

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