More Easter Sunday

Ah yes, back to Albania. here is a good tip. Only drive in albania if you have a crap car, a good one wont last for long. The pot hole are frequet and in the rain it is unclear how deep they are, Our suspension has taken a reall beating.
DOnkeys seem to raom the streets i guess in a simmilar way to sacred cows of india. They are still used to pull carts and we saw a few. Along the ‘main highway’ people set up stalls selling veg and honey and all sorts of stuff, but the stalls look like they wouldnt stand any sort of wind, the polythene roofs and sides are full of holes and the timbers areĀ  significantly worse than pallet wood. I felt the need to go back with a big roll of damp proof membrane and sort them all out, i cant get the DIY out of my system.
Driving through Tirana was the best thing we have done so far, it was like palying dodgers but with real cars, you get constantly cut up, horns blowing and having to drive agressivly but with causion is great fun. We survived it and will recount the memory of it for may years to come. we have a bit of video footage to put up but cant do it till istanbul, not band width on the mobile network.
We booked a hotel overlooking a massive lake in the south of Albania, cost 35 quid, twin room ith large onsuet very well fitted out. we had a balcony with veiw of the Albanian hill, not hills in the traditional sense, these wer hills of rubish, there does not seem to be any formal mechanism to contain rubish so it gets dumped ont eh side of the road. Its a bit of a mess in places but no big shakes. English isnt widley spoken but our requirements were minimal so comunication was never an issue, plus with in 50 miles of any border, Nick was fluent in the basics of the lingo.
We went out for dinner in a litle reseraunt about a 5 min walk from the hotel. We had two courses and four pints of the local brew for17 euros, didnt seem right to eat and drink for that, we gave the lad a 13 euro tip, it was work it for the look on his face. I was however a litle disapointed with my vegetarian soup that contained meat. the manager cam over when i expressed concern and told me it was meat soup and what did i expect. Not wishing to get the waiter in trouble who had told me it was veggy i let it go and left the suop. I had been a momentary carnevor, it wont happen again. had pizza for main which was good but a bit of a cop out, Nick had fish from the lake, three of them, heads still attached and look simmilar to trout. Looked god but i though if Nick has Enva Hodgers revenge in the moring one of us needs to drive,

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