Musical Interlude

We have not listened to all that much music during the journey, the car is quite loud so the delicate nuances of the Prodigy are lost among a veritable cornucopia of rattles growles, groans and bangs. At least thats what you think at first. It turns out that the car is more than a little musical. The handle that sits between the two front seats, known to most of you as a hand brake, is actual a hand break lute. Diverse pitch and cadence can be obtained from only a slight adjustment to the angle of the lute and the revs being generated in the engine. Moving the bags in the boot turns the kitchinette into an acid house rythmn section worthy of the trendiest all night dance extravaganzas.

Another moment on our journey springs to mind, when passing through a village in central Bulgaria. A number of rustic types by the side of the road wearing brightly colored tunics,  both men and women and indeterminate, spontaneously began leaping and gyrating. I now believe the car was reproducing a commendable rendition of an ancient Bulgarian folk song, much to he delight of all those within hearing range.

Another discovery is that idling at traffic lights, the driver can apply elbow pressure to the drivers side door, left hand pressure to the stearing wheel and revs slightly above idle and it sounds just like a golf.

We left Berchtesdarden at around half eight this morning. The breakfast was surprisingly good but the lady in the kitchen was distinctly unimpressed when Simon attempted to fill our travel mugs with coffee for the road. We ended up paying an additional few euros for the pleasure. The German roads are for the most part as one would expect, fast and smooth, we have however encountered lots of road works and traffic, possibly people returning from an Easter break.

We came across a hitch hiker almost straight away and stopped to give him a lift. It was only useful to him for a few miles but it was a few miles further than he was before. Didnt really have time to talk to him too much but we left him clutching a card anyway.

Our next target is the Nurburgring, a prospect that puts a grin of glee on Simons face. I will leave him to describe it later, who knows what tune we may hear on the hand break lute as we speed round the track.

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