Planning begins

The plan is to drive my car from Montgomery in Mid wales (home) to Asia. I have a co driver and and the route is starting to come together. We plan to leave on thursday the 4th April 2013. The trip will be around 5500 miles and take in excess of 10 days, travel through at least twelve defferant coutries. I will set up a  ‘just giving’ site for sponsers to donate to Hope House, a worthy charity whos aim is to help terminally sick children in Mid Wales and Shropshire. We raised over £2000 on the Arctic circle challenge!

The car is a 1993 Vauxhall Astra, currently showing 238 thousand miles on the clock and will probably be over quarter of a million by the time we set off.  The car is in a very poor state, it may or may not make the journey.

This is the first blog about our trip but there will be more thought the following weeks and months and I will be blogging every day once we set off.

Please check in once in while to see whats happening with Team Astra.

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