Proposed route to another continent

Trying to remind myself how to insert photos into the blog.  It took a minute, but got there in the end

The map is curtsey of Google and is an initial draft. Having looked at the mileage and time to drive the route, we made a few edits from what i first intended to do. We have currently cut out Rumania and Hungary. The shame of this is that I cant see an opertunity to visit these great countries again, I hope my next road trip will be to Africa, Hungary and Rumania are not on that route. 

Anyway, If either of our readers has any comment on the route and pictured, any suggestions of things to see and do on the way, please let us know.

Update on the car, more spares arrived today so i can now fix the brake lights, the fan switch and i have also bought a new pollen filter. I hope i can get them fitted tomorrow.  Happy days. Simonmap of the route (2)

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