From Good friday to excellent Saturday
I am writting this on Saturday night and it seems like an age ago since we left our digs in

Dubrovnic this morning. We got up with thick heads and set off south, It was our intention

to visit Budva as it is noted in Wikipeadea to have more millionairs per square mile than

any where else in the plannet. I question wiki on this one, It was no better than barmouth

and we found litle evidence of wealth, However i am sure the guys at the fuel station were a

bit more flush after our visit,
We had a big fry up for breakfast on the side of the raod, Nice, then set off for Tirana

The albanians had been a bit sneaky, they didnt have a border crossing, just seemed to rely

on the montenegro crew to sort it out, we were in in around 30 mins, we had expected this

to be a difficult boder crossing but in the end it was OK. They did ask for car insurance

and registraton document and green card. All in order, We had done our homework. Having

been pulled by the cops twice already, we had everything to hand.

With in a few miles of the border it became claer that Albania had a lot more going for it

then Monenegro. The people were clearly more acustomed to dealing with poverty. Also the

feeling that the recent war in Montengro had left behind wwas now absent. I was glad,

montengro had a bad feeling about it. Glad to get out.
We both loved Albania, and made the following observation
 Donkeys out number Women 7 to one in Albania
Stray dog outnumber Donkeys
It is illegal to go out with out a carrier bag full of stuff.
There is no driving test, only an idiot test, once you have proved you are indeed an idi0t
ot,then you are allowed behind the wheel. There no rules when driving other than try not to

hit other cars or people,
We did OK but came pretty close on a few occations The overtaking was a mixture of horror

and slapstick.
Too tired now to write anything of qulity, finish this tomorrow.

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  1. So you slept in on the first day Nick. Nothing has changed then since youth! Beware Albanians driving cars seems to be the order of the day. Take great care, keep safe.

    Luv Mum

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