Taken, I have been

I think we should celebrate this epic trip by having some business cards printed; I am going to look for a good cheap place to get them done. Oh, what’s this, Vista print, business cards for £3.12? I am signing up; this is great value.
Here is how the final price broke down.
£3.12 was for 25 cards, not a lot of use really, I want 250-n that will be £10.62
I took the opportunity to up-load my own design £1.87
And a design for the back £1.87
Black and white only on the back, I didn’t see an option for invisible ink £1.66
Gloss paper (as opposed to what…Toilet paper?) £1.87

By now I was more than a little irritated, but it was done and all I had to do was check out? Oh no Mister Bedford we still have one more opportunity to take you to the cleaners, we think a donation towards postage would be aproriet at this juncture here are the options, bear in mind we leave in a month
Standard delivery 14 days                                                                                £3.59
Priority (Priority ie it hangs around on some photocopier for 7 Days)  £8.16
Rush (3 Days, Amazon and eBay can get this overnight, that’s rush)    £15.04
Express                                                                                                                 £18.80
So my pack of business cards that I thought would cost me in the region of £3.12 actually cost £32.94, more than 10 time the original estimate, I will never deal with this company again, probably the most resented purchase I have ever made, HM revenues and taxes could use Vista Print as an analogy for the pain of payment, handing over my hard earned to the taxman is a philanthropic donation in comparison.
Anyway, back to the car, Yep definitely not good at present…



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