The Belgium proposition

As is the tradition, we decided to go out for something to eat and a few pints, especially as it was our last night. The culinary offering in Belgium is similar to that of France,  Vegitarians can have an omlete or salad, me being a veggy, as expected, catering for me was an issues. We eventually found a small reseraunt with a loose south American style which had something to offer. Nick had a meat product and I had a veg pie. Very good, we both enjoyed our meal.  After our meal we went to a small bar populated by north Africans, they were very friendly and we had a good chat with them and as we left thought it was time for bed. But we spotted one more bar and thought we would drop in for one last drink….

It had a strange dynamic, a white  chap at the bar with a black girl, they were sat together but there body language suggested some thing odd. There were two other couples and a short drunk guy causing a nuisance of him self and a well dressed chap later found out he was called patrick, who seemed to know every one yet they all seemed that they had not been in the bar before. We had some discussion’s on this situation and decided that the girls were hookers and the well dressed guy or the land lord was the pimp and the short guy was some sort of assistant.

The two chaps and two girls got up and left and exchanged greeting with Patrick. The drunk bloke came over to me and started to say something in foreign, and started to get physical, Fortunately although I had had a few drinks, I was not as drunk as him and fairly quickly dispatched him  into the arms of his colleagues. They ushered him out of the door and came back to apologies for his behaviour, No big shakes we said, he was drunk and no one was hurt. Patrick told us his name and bought us a drink. He had had a few drinks but was not drunk but spoke fairly good English. We chatted for a while and he quickly establish what we were doing and what our jobs were (not police) He then started to tell us about the services he offered, Narcotics were one of his main sources of income, and I would assume from this that the short drunk guy was his runner. He showed us his cloths to demonstrate how well he had done out of his trade. We were having a friendly chat and we laughed about meeting a drugs dealer. Patrick disappeared to do something and we discussed that the bar man looked a bit handy  and we should probably avoid him if the drunk guy kicked off again, he had come back. The bar man later proved to not be of any threat and was working hand in glove with Patrick. An Asian man with his young son came in and handed a large pack of cigarettes over the bar nd the land lord immediately withdrew some euros from the till and paid the man, now words were exchanged.  Very shady,

Patrick came back over to talk to us again,  and started to tell us more of his dealings and I assume look for a sale.  He told us of the requirement of people to seek pleasure and he was a one stop shop, he told us that the three girls were hookers and he was as assumed was the pimp. We were amused by this and thought we might as well learn what we could while we had our drinks. Patrick read from us that we were not offended by his trade and not shocked but more surprised by the ease in which he volunteered the details of his trade.  He seemed to signal the bar man who made a phone call and them within about 5 minutes a girl appeared on Patricks arm and he clearly wanted to offer her services to us. I felt sorry for her, she knew as soon as she saw us that we were not even remotely interested in anything he had in mind. We exchanged polite conversation but did nothing to perpetuate any assumption that we were remotely interested in the services on offer.  This was a strange and amusing experience, we had something to tell the folks back home and we would probably laugh about for years to come, Ah the joys of travel. After finishing our drinks, we said our good bys and I made a point to apologies for the embarrassment caused and to reassure her that we felt no offence by it. Back to the relative sanity of the youth hostel

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