The smell of progress

I took the plunge, took Astra to the garage. I have had a new water pump fitted, new thermostat, fan belt tightened and a shed load of work done on the brakes, It was ace driving home, the fan belt was quiet, the brakes worked, the hand brake worked. It’s just like a brand new car, well its got the same number wheels but with out the baggage of depreciating residuals. Thanks to Sean Palin at Abacus Motors
Over Christmas I aim to fix the heater fan and the windscreen washer, probably have a look at the rest of the list too. If  can find a spade, I might clean out the boot, might make it smell a little less organic!

About the route, We aim to leave Montgomery on Wednesday 27th March, probably leave around tea time. We will be spending the first night in France, , day two we will head for the north-east corner of Italy  before following the Adriatic sea south through the Baltic states. More on the route in a later episode, and i will add some details on the events on the way, and we have some crackin ideas of places to visit as long as the old girl keeps going.

After a crap day at work (for no particular reason, i love my work and the team at T.I.Automotive) writing this note and thinking of things we are going to do, raises my spirits, which reminds me, time for a scotch, Glen Morray me thinks.

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