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IMG_0281I am now on twitter montybedfords
we set off in 24 hours, and just in the nick of time i managed to fix the breaks, before nick found out they didn’t really work. I was going to tell him on the way down from the alps but now they are fixed. We have a rout plan, again, it looks good but a big drive on day one and two. My friend Julia is letting us stay at her house in Slovenia, that will be on Thursday night, then we head south east for Dubrovnik and then Albania. We are both looking forward to the trip, I not sure but i think Nick is particularly looking forward to my cooking!!!

Just Giving just started

Today i can report the first donation on our just giving site has been made, www.justgiving.com/intercontinentalastra  I am sure that this will now snowball and it has encouraged me to start promotion of the trip. So Julie of TI Automotive, thank you, you are the start of something big,   well bigish.   Nick has secured a premier dot com website name, we will be on goggles front page at last.   Before long you will be able to type in intercontinentalastra.com and go straight to our blog. We wanted a short snappy memorable name, but none were available so we chose this. Give us a couple of days and it should go live.

News on the car, its knackered.

But you already knew that. I find it quite reassuring knowing my car is not really road worthy, rather than finding out on a wet monday morning when it dumps its oil on the Shrewsbury bypass and leaves me stranded. I am used to that concept, if it to happen again I will cope, I’ll be reassured by the fact that it’s worth just as much broken down as in ‘working order’.

I have a plan to make it go a bit faster, I am fed up of lorries overtaking me on hills. My plan is this. Get new injectors, get the exhaust fixed and change the fuel filter. It should make a difference. I spoke to Keith at United Diesel (now I have mentioned you on our website can I have a discount please?  http://www.uniteddiesel.co.uk/) he recondition’s injectors, I asked him if mine needed doing, I explained the smoke, the lack of power, the starting issues, the miss firing he was fairly convinced that the reconditioned injectors (£50 each) would help. Then I mentioned the quarter of a million miles on the clock. The phone went quiet for a minute and I heard muted laughter in the back ground, then he came back on and told me they would be ready in a couple of days. I take it they need doing!

I have noticed that the fuel consumption has got worse over the last 100 thousand miles, now hovering at around 53 MPG.

Thanks to Tony for sorting out my satnav. Tony knows all things tech.

I have been very busy at home with DIY, that bit is nearly done now so more blogs and more preparation.

Catch you all again soon


Just giving sponsorship page

I have set up a just giving page and we are hoping to raise £1000 for Hope House children’s hospice.


I am also looking into a new web site for this blog, more on this later.
The car still need work but I have fitted two new tires on the front, the old ones were near the end of their life and I wanted to have a bit of extra traction in the snow that currently covers mid Wales. I will be donig more road trip related activities over the next few weeks and will report back more often.

Waiting for bits and Nikola Tesla

The speedo cable is now fitted, i assume it works, I will test it tomorrow. I am looking forward to having it working again, its been about two moths since it packed up. When i am driving to work, I look forward to the clock going over another thousand miles, (about every two and a half weeks) these are mile stones on the way to the quarter million miles.

Rebecca (Daughter) bout me one of them there thermos mugs for Christmas. I will now be able to have a brew on the way to work. I have been wanting one of them for a while.

Here is an update on the fix list.

  1. the speedo should now be OK
  2. I have ordered a new switch for the brake lights, Bit dodgy to take the old girl out any distance until it is fitted.
  3. I have oil ready to top up the power steering, but i want to check the hose is secure before i do this.
  4. i have ordered a new pump for the windscreen washer and some pipes, the pump was about shagged and one of the pipes was leaking, which was the main reason for the washer not working.
  5. I have ordered a new fan switch for the radiator fan. That will keep the temperature in order when driving in hot countries like Albania Greece and Turkey (can’t wait)
  6. The fan on the heater is still an issue, i have emailed a chap out getting the resistor pack fixed as i cant find a replacement part on the net.

Having a meeting with Nick tomorrow to discus the plans.

Nikola Tesla http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electrical supply system.  Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July (O.S. 28 June) 1856 to Serb parents in the village of Smiljan, now in modern day Croatia. It is our intention to pay hommage to his work by visiting his birth place on our road trip. This follows the tradition set in the two earlier road trips to Jon-O-Groats in 2010 and the Arctic circle in 2011. www.montybedfords.wordpress.com

The plan starts to come together

The plan to get the old girl into some sort of shape moved on a bit today (boxing day). I have established that the heater fane resistor pack has blown, but i can not find a replacement as yet. I have ordered a new windscreen washer pump and a radiator fan switch. Since the trip to the garage, the water pump is not leaking, the thermostat is working, the fan belt it tight and not longer squeals in pain every time the battery demands mor charge.

 The brake lights have a problem, I must get this sorted soon.

Spoke with my co driver Nick, he will soon be adding to this blog and with his familiarity of all things computer, i guess we will get a few more hits…. Result

Next I need to fix the speedo or she will never get to quarter of a million mile on the clock.