Imminent Departure

Its getting close, the train is booked for 16:50 on Thursday the 10th. At the moment the plan is to meet up on Wednesday evening and load up. Simon is off to work Thursday morning but we should be able to link up with him in Telford at about 11:30. This means leaving Monty about 10:30.

Assuming we get off ok we need to be at the train at 16:20 which gives us  four hours and 50 minutes to get down to Ashford, pick up Andy and carry on to Folkestone.

We then have a long evening ahead of us as we are booked in to a hotel in Tours on Thursday night. I doubt we will get there before 23:30 zulu ( thats local time ). However if we can make it,  it works well for us in timings for the following days.

Simon, Jim and I met up with Jims friend on Saturday night for a Morocco ‘briefing’, and it was some briefing. Fill you in as we go.

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