A note from Tom

Tours to Medina De Rioseco (Valladolid)

Left Tours at 8am. Made good progress through France and its many toll roads (around 10 booths in total, prices ranging from “take a ticket” to 32 euros). After carefully navigating our way through and around Bourdeux (minus Tom almost taking the wrong exit, and all three cars getting caught out by some suddenly placed French motorway cones), we headed towards the mountain range in the distance.

The Spanish border consisted of a 1.70 euro toll and we headed into the Purinees mountains. The motorway swept through the vast valleys, disapearing into lots of tunnels and over briges, sometimes leading straight onto one anothor. After a quick glimpse of the sea, we headed onto some open and very flat farmland. The roads were very long and very straight, and after going through small desserted and half destroyed farm villages, we eventually reached our end destination for the night – somewhere beginning with ‘V’ and somewhere none of us could pronounce.

“It’s like Chester but older” – Nick, after inspecting some wooden pillars.

It did have some beds and, in the views of others something more important, various bars that served beer and tapas. This included a plate of snails and various kinds of sauasage. Locals were friendly enough, and naturally pursumed we had arrived for the start of Holy Week which had just started – maybe next year. Some spoke English, including an Erasmus student who had studied English in Turkey or so we heard; “oh Istanbul?” Mark asked….”No” she said….”Torquay”

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