Apparently I Snore

Apparently I Snore

So we got to Tours pretty late on Thursday. We had missed the train we were supposed to get and had to jump on the next but one. We arrived around 2 am. Pretty tired and ready for some sleep.

I think Simon may have had some sort of plan in mind based on previous experience as Mark, Andy and I ended up sharing a room. Simon, Tom and Jim in the other.

Now its pretty much a zoo of sounds during the night with one Harrison brother, with two we in the Serengeti. Much to Andys horror. Now I struggle with this, since the only time I know I have been snoring is when I wake myself up. When people (Jayne) punch me in my sleep and look at me with irritation in the morning I cant always sympathise as I have had a reasonably good nights sleep.

Mark is louder than I (except when I have had a tipple or two) but has sleep apnia. This is where you take a long drawn breath and then suddenly stop breathing, then almost as though you remembered what you had to do, continue breathing again. This is puncuated by various coughs and snorts. 

My snoring tends to be more consistent. When we are in the same room this developes into an almost rythmic counterpoint of noises.

Thus I was awoken at 3 am by Andy literally whimpering and talking to himself about having been mad to agree to come on this trip in the first place.

At four am it was the sounds of someone rifling through my clothes in an effort to find the car keys so that he could sleep in the car.

This continued pretty much until 7 am when we all finally gave up trying to sleep and got moving. I suspect ANdy plans to book an extra room for himself tonight.

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