Preparation and build up

We have less than four weeks until we leave on our epic journey. We had a meeting yesterday to discuss plans and things are coming together. We have some concerns about insurance, most insurance firms don’t seem to offer cover for Morocco and we believe we have to get cover when we arrive. The problem with this is that it may take us a while on a busy schedule to make arrangements.

We have largely sorted out the route, we will head for Fez once in Morocco and skirt around the west of Marrakech before heading for the coast just above the border with Western Sahara. We then head south to Dakhla before we turn around and head for Marrakech. We then spend two full days in Marrakech before we head for Casablanca and then north to the ferry back to Europe. We think around 6500 miles.

The cars are having some work done in preparation, I have fitted new headlamp bulbs, the old ones were less than useless. I have had new suspension on the front and I have been sorting out all the fiddly
little jobs that I do not normally bother with. The two remaining important ones are the overheating issue needs to be sorted and it would be nice to be able to open the window when driving. I have a plan to get this done with fellow adventurer Jim.

Having done a couple of trips now, I have a fairly good idea what I need to take and what is just baggage, when driving a long way in an old car, weight is critical, the more the car weighs, the more fuel it will use and the harder it has to work, therefor the more likely it is to break down. So we will be living on a diet of marshmallows and cheese soufflé for 16 days.

I am developing my kitchenette; I am fitting lights above the stove and a drawer under the stove for cutlery. This is going to be pretty much as good as the kitchen in Michele Roux’s restaurant. I also have a small fridge which I may take to keep some of the more temperature sensitive consumables cool, i.e. beer.

Nick has had a few jobs done on his car, which will be 20 years old this year, Jim is hoping to have completed enough mileage to be able to take his for its first service before we go. Jims car is pretty much brand new and has something of a novelty paint job, all the panels are the same colour, I am not sure if it really works!

Nick has left the red floral arrangement on his car, I think he is hoping it will offer some level of camouflage, I need to remind Nick that we are not visiting the Dutch tulip fields on this trip.

What ever the colour of the cars, all three of them will soon be heading south, and, I for one, am pretty excited about it.

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