Boujdour to Guelmim

I write this note after leaving Marrakech for home and memories are starting to fade already. We have had such an adventure, the events are so frequent that it’s difficult to keep them all in mind.

Nick had booked somewhere for us to stay in Guelmim for the next night but had not told us the nature of the venue, we drove off in eager anticipation of another interesting place.

Before we left, Jim did as promised and gave the children the football shirts, they were delighted. A couple of the fathers came over and offered us some fish they had caught that morning. That was a kind offer but we had no way of dealing with them so politely declined

On the way we stopped a few times for fuel and food as is the norm, fuel costs between 7 and 9 DM per litre, that translates to .7 to .9 euros, about half the price of home. Diesel is always available but petrol not always, and the chances of using cards is infrequent south of Agadir. My car is doing around 52 mpg. We had a rubbish attendant at the fuel stop, he kept filling the tank even though it was already full, emptying about a litre of diesel on the floor at both my fill up and Jim’s. What a dork.

We stopped for breakfast and had another tasty omelette, this time with eggs from the farm where Elaine works, tip top, we were happy campers and ready to hit the road again.

It was getting towards dark when we arrived in Guelmim, we were all thinking that we would be in another hostel or cheap hotel in the town, Nick took us about 10km up into the hills to this most picturesque small hamlet of houses. We wound our way past a few houses in the fading light and came across an old man in traditional costume, guiding us to his house. It was just as I remember houses from a book of stories from the bible I used to read at Sunday school, we could hardly wait to go inside.

The front door opens onto a courtyard that has rooms off around three sides and a gap at one end with a large open fronted tent with carpets on the floor near the front door and to the right, beyond this were some steps up to the roof that was set out with tables and chairs and spectacular views all around. Our rooms were basic but delightful, twin beds in each and a shower room across the courtyard. Each room had a small window facing the courtyard. I could hardly wait to go to bed.

We asked our host if we could have something to eat and Nick explained that I was vegetarian.

We all sat on the roof and watched the sun go down, I think this is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed.

We were called for dinner,

Dinner consisted of dromedary and vegetables with rice cooked in possibly yoghurt. That was for all or us, I explained that I was a veg and was told, so are dromedaries! Clearly we had not got the message across. The host sorted me a salad that was very good. One of the lads later complained he had a bit of dromedary stuck between his teeth, on reflection, I don’t suppose I will hear that statement again!

After the main course we had fresh oranges and cinnamon for pudding and tea. The tea was an art in itself, involving a ritual to make it that took some time. It was delicious. The tea appeard to have a small amount of canabis resin dissolved in it, it was not strong but certainly had an effect, we were all laughing ad joking after the meal.

Although it was a fairly clear night, there was a level of light pollution from a couple of street lights in the community. I went for a short drive out with the man to get away from the lights but the sky was not really clear enough to give a good view. I had really wanted to see the stars while I was away, but this will have to wait for another visit.

Happy birthday dear Thomas, Happy birthday to you
Sorry Tom, we didn’t seem to get round to calibrating your birthday. happy 23rd birthday from team astra.

I slept like a log, I was looking forward to seeing Elaine in Marrakech the next day and not having to drive for a couple of days.

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