Ceuta to El Puig

This was a long day good scenery up into the mountains in Spain, but not so good as to offset the time we spend in the saddle.
We didn’t get off to a good start, we left the digs in la roque and headed for the paeage and I realised I couldn’t fling my phone, re bearing that some stuff had come out of my pocket in the hotel room the night before, all though I thought I had picked it all up , I had to go back and check. If the room had been cleaned , there was no way I would get it back, the receptionist block had a shady look about him. Anyway, 30km later, we arrived at the digs and I asked the receptionist if it had been handed in, she said not, but I could go and check the room, I did and the re it was on the floor under the bed, relief

We set about catching up with the set of the team who were by now at least 60 km in front. Not quite clear if we went the wrong way, but I don’t think we did the same route as them. There was a constant balancing act with dring fast and keeping the engin cool. It has been the story of this road trip.
We never did catch them up and arrived in a small Spanish town of Piug to find them sat at a bar outside the hotel. After unloading, we joined them, I guess we got back to the hotel at around midnight, nick and I having done our best to boost the local Spanish economy.

Hotel borja was probably the best of the cheep and cheerful we have stayed in, triple room with nice functional bathroom and reasonable beds. I think it was around 60 euros for the six of us, no breakfast .

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