Comments and Preparation

The day draws nearer and nearer, we are all frantically trying to make arrangements and get work related items finished before we go. Its quite a long time to take out of our normal routines so we are experiencing a certain amount of trepidation, but excited and looking forward to it none the less.

The planning for the trip is actually fairly loose, and with six of us this time it could result in some interesting issues. There is every possibility that we will end up with sixteen forks and nothing to eat out of, or a two man tent between six but enough stoves to cook for an army.  Minor points really and easily remedied on route. Of more concern is Simons over heating problem, thats his car, not Simon personally. Certain parts of the journey are moutainous and if the cooling system is not sorted the car will not survive.

I have changed the way the commenting on the blog works. When I looked the other day, we had something in the region of 27000 comments, of which 17 were actually approved entries from the last trip, I have deleted pretty much everything that was there. Half of the comments were just the meaningless drivel you tend to get from spammers trying to promote things. The remainder all appeared to be in Chinese or perhaps Korean. I have no idea as to the content of these, and there is a remote possibility that we had a huge following in North Korea, if so I apologise for deleting your comments – but I sort of doubt it.

So if you wish to comment, and we really do welcome your comments, you will have to register with the web site this time around. Its not terribly difficult, just go to the log in link at the bottom of the page, select the register option and enter your email address. The web site will automatically send you an email and you can use your details to comment as often as you like after that.

5 Sleeps to go.



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