Day 2 Closing

Friday night we landed in a small town in Central Spain where we had booked our stay, it was a really nice guest house, clean and friendly and most of all cheep. Andy decided to book a room on his own so we have had to postpone the the first match match of the snoring competition final, Andy being the only qualified adjudicator .

The room was pal ail in comparison to the last one, which was more like a caravan than a room, three single beds and I tidy bathroom. But our object was not to consider the various features of the room, it was to eat and possibly have a pint or two.
Tapas is a traditional Spanish food similar in a way to canapés , it is served in most bars and restraints and is made from all sorts of local fresh ingredients. Spanish people will go from bar to bar sampling the tapas. It was not made clear to use that it was not prerequisite to have a pint with each taster. Any way, that’s what we did and injected a few extra euros into the Spanish economy. Not long after we arrived at the first bar, I realised I had left my card in the room, so gave my apologies and went back for it. The hotel had gone, it was defiantly there when we left it but now it had gone,  I went back to the bar and explained it to the team who for some reason showed no sign of concern over this strange occurrence, Tom offered to to come and look for the missing hotel, and with in a few minutes it was found, back in its correct place again with the cars parked opposite, thank goodness for that.
We had a great time in the bars of ? Can’t remember the name just now, the people were really friendly and keen to hear what we were up to and I. Managed to go most of the night with out mentioning our next stop was Gibraltar, when it slipped out, I think I got away with it, may be the Spanish have another name for it!

We are now about 110 miles from the port, haven’t booked a room yet and haven’t booked. The ferry, we are hoping to get to the ferry terminal tonight and book an early boat then go and find some digs. Unless nick has managed to already, our radio isn’t working so I can talk to him, or at least he can’t talk to me!

The Spanish roads are very good and quiet and largely toll free, we had a few sm all tolls in the north soon after leaving France, but none today so far. I think today is Easter Day over here perhaps that is why it is quiet. The scenery so far has been fairly flat at first, we were on a large plattow of agricultural land surrounded by mountains, it peaked at 1186M on the road. That’s higher than snowden which I thought was the highest mountain in the world. We are now traveling over a similar plattow which is at sea level, if you lift the sat nave through the sun roof you can make it 1 m above, we have to do something to keep our selves amused!. The high land was very beautiful, and rustic, lots of run down farm buildings and quite a few castles. I would like to spend more time exploring, but we have somewhere to be, inevitably, back home.

Sorry I don’t know how to spell plattow, GLYN can you sort this before you upload, Elaine, when you fly out, can you bring the earplugs Clive gave me, I am dreading ending up camping, in tents , on the same site as Mark and Nick.

Now for a nice glass of princes gate still water while I consider the array of job opertiunities from that fine recruitment agency ‘ Recruitment  Zone’

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