Day 4 Goodbye Europe

Gibralter from the ferryWe were up and about at 7 am and in the cars by 7:30 on our way to the ferry terminal, had a good nights sleep, Africa awaits. We were soon in the queue for the ferry and wating to board with about 20 mins to spare. The terminal was full off people with landrovers and big 4wheel drive toyotas with all sorts of parafinalia for crossing rough ground and going through rivers,  I began to think we were perhaps a bit underprepared. I went over to talk to one group, I asked where they were going and the said central morocco, they said that there was no way they would be gong to Daklah, may be this will be a bit more of a challenge than we thought!
I took the opertunity to move the back tyres, which are both winder and slightly bigger diameter to the front and the front ones to the back. This will better in the sand and improve engine cooling as the engine will run slower.

The ferry is very comfortable with really nice seats to sleep (or blog) in, not many people on board. I am not looking forward to dealing with the paperwork at the other side, I guess it will take a couple of hours

We are coming into port now, I am both nervous and excited.

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