Day Two

Breakfast time in? we’ll some where 160 miles south of tours. Was rudely awoken this morning by banging on the hotel door at some ungodly hour, time to get up!, we were in the cars and heading south with in a couple of minutes with the plan to stop for breakfast on the way. Within in feet of the hotel I noticed a problem with my charging system, the rev counter which is controlled by the alternator was bouncing around all over the place. Eat her the fan belt was suddenly loose or we had an electrical problem. We pulled up just as we got onto the toll roadmto I investigate.  The cable that connects the alternator to the electrical system had come loose and was giving an intermittent charge. I re connected it and we were back on the road in a minute or so.

Found out this morning that Jim has no GPS. This is a concern if we get split up. Most of today will be on one road.

We stopped for breakfast at around 11 am, in a service station, I would like to take this opera unity to thank Harvest Whole Foods for be purveyors of such fine vegy burgers. The laybays and service stations on the toll rods are very good, of then set a long way from the road so you get some peace and quiet.  It was the first thing I had cooked in the kitchenette on this trip,

We are heading for the Spanish border now, probably around 150 miles away, we would like to get to our digs reasonably early so we can get out for a pint and something to eat.

a word on the 2014 snoring competition. Following the event last held in Dubrovnic in 2013 I knew that nick was in with a shout of the championship, however I didn’t expect to be kicked out in the semi finals. The new contender, Mark, who is nicks brother apparently put up a sterling effort all through the night to secure his place in he finals, Andy reported this morning that he had considered sleeping in the car.
More news of the completion tomorrow.

The roads are very good, but not very interesting through this part of France, it’s very flat a gricultural land with few features. We are looking forward to the pyranise .

Car. Has to be nursed along due to the overheating, if we stick at around 65 to 70 I it is ok. I have just realised that the tyres I had fitted to the front of the car are smaller than the back, I think that this must men we are constantly going up hill and so the engin gets hotter. I am going to change them round as soon as I can.

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