El Puig to Jumeaux

we had a good nights sleep but got up a bit the worse for wear. Mark put the kettle on in the back of the car while I got a shower. Nick and I looked at options to stay for tonight, we were hoping for something north of the melow bridge. We struck lucky apgain, a quad room and a twin in a town who’s name I can’t .remember, between Saint Poncy and clement froid.
The down side was it was 902 Kim’s away, that will be the biggest driving day so far. Although when converted into miles is only 540 , but all motorway.
By around 11:30 we had done 250 km and stopped for breakfast. Omelette but no more fancy eggs from back home, Spanish supermarket variants. Not as good, but filled a gap.
We came to the end of the paeage and my card wouldn’t work. Had to use marks, cause for concern.
Driving so far today is only a means to an end, we have one item that will punctuate the day, the merlo bridge in France. The highest decked suspension bridge in the world designed by Norman Foster, a British architect.
The bridge did not let us down, graceful and elegant, astonishingly high and a most impressive construction. Well worth a trip. Traveling north you go over the bridge before you come to the visitor center, we pulled in to investigate and view the bridge . You can see the town of millau below the to the east of the bridg and then up towards the deck of the bridge, it seems impossibly high, driving over the bridge gives a real sense of height, and would be challenging to any on with any felling of vertigo. They have built wind deflectors along the sides of the bridge made out of plexi glass. So are largely invisible, the columns are higher than the eifle tower.
We took some photos then I want for a look on the visitor center. They have a brilliant video running about the construction and conception of the bridge and lots of pictures and plans to review. Also they had three or four of the scale models used as design concepts. Five star for the millau bridge and visitor center, by far the best engineering theme destination of the trip, in fact the only one.
soon after the bridge came to tol booth and wating for us on the other side was a group of Duane French customs police, we were all taken to one side an all three cars were searched, it appears they had some inside infor on us, perhaps from CCTV cameras on the motorway. They were all friendly and professional, I got the impression the girl who searched my car was not happy with its general condition, I was glad she did not look in the glove box, the mint flower from morocco we were given in guelmin were in there and look and smell suspiciously like weed.
The hotel was off the beaten track but it was a fairly run down place with lots of potential, the French May call it shabby shiek, I call it tatty.the husband and wife team were very nice and made us dinner of salad and omelette for me with chocolate blamange for pudding, it was ok, it was washed down with a couple of bottles of local wine which was good.
Given Andy had avoided sleeping in the same room, I was left to judge the snoring completion, by morning there was a clear winner, and a clear looser.

2 thoughts on “El Puig to Jumeaux

  1. One more snore free night to go for me …………
    Andy- lots of snore free nights for lucky you!!!!
    Have a safe crossing back to UK guys.
    Simon, keep your eye on the oil as you come into Dover!
    See you tomorrow. Elaine xx

  2. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing trip guys! Huge congratulations from all of us at the hospice! The cars have done you proud, and you’ve done us proud 🙂

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