Guelmim to Marrakech

Although we had explained our early strategy and not needed breakfast, it was ready anyway soon after we woke, yoghurt, tea, bread, honey and jam. Very simple but good, probably all made locally, a perfect start to the last day before our rest days.

We said our goodbyes and got on the road again, next stop marakech.

The first part of the journey was the most difficult of the trip so far, after negotiating the police in Guelmim we set off up the motorway, and it was up, we climbed around 600 m in the first five miles, it was torture for the old car, we could not keep her cool and in the end left the rest of the team to carry on and aimed to catch up on the other side, it seemed to go on and on, I was dreading blowing a head gasket or even a hose. Eventually we made it to the top and a rest for the car on the way down, we had passed dozens of cars on the hard shoulder suffering with the same problem.

Once over the mountain, the road to Marrakech was relatively flat and the drive in was quite exciting. As we neared the city it got more and more busy .

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