Laayoune to the Tropic

The big day at last, we all got up with clear heads and were on the road for 7:30. The digs had been good and the staff friendly, it would have helped if water had actually come out of the shower, but other than that we have no reasons to complain.

Our hosts in Laayoune

Mark had had the foresight to make a flask of coffe for us to drink on the road, this was going to be a long day. Once out of Laayoune, there was very little in the way of towns and villages, we drove for over one hundred miles and saw nothing, no fuel station, no houses, only donkeys, camels and cops, the cops are everywhere, we were stopped five times yesterday and at the time of writing we had been stopped nine times today, it got very tiresome but we haven’t been fined today and they are friendly enough.

Apart from some foothills soon after Laayoune, the road is flat,

Flat earth
car boiled up as usuall going up the hills but we contained it with a selection of the techniques Described earlier. Once through the hills, we knew it was a matter of just driving as fast as we could to get the miles in. The roads are rough but very fast as they are largely straight, I haven’t measured but I am sure some of the straights are At least 15 miles long.

We pulled in at bojadour for refreshment. We had a really good cheese (Haloumi) omelette made from James eggs of montgomery. Probably the best eggs in the world. We really enjoyed it, all washed down with a cup of coffee, the coffee having been sourced in The spar in montgomery before we left. Fortified, we set off with 300kms to go(about) we were all buzzing with excitement and looking forward to reaching our goal.

We were stopped by the police 9 times on the way down and asked to produce our licences, it held us up a lot.

Once we had passed the turning for Daklah we set the sat nav to show co-ordinate so we could count down the distance more accurately. The Northern Tropic lies on the 23° 26′ 14.675″ parallel, we had to pass this position but were fairly confident that there would be some form of marker. As we got near I felt quite elated, me and my car had initiated this trip and from that, six people had driven to the northern tropic and we had had a ball.

The proof


It was a great feeling to get there, we all shook hands and took loads of photos before moving on to Dakhla , and hopefully a nice hotel with a pool, a good pool like Colley construction of marton might build! Professionally installed and helpful support with maintenance etcetera.

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