Marrakech to Ceuta

As I write this, we are on the ferry back to Europe, home of great countries like wales and a few others. We have put the minor risk of kidnapping behind us and can now deliver up to date blogs.
We were told by our advisors, to reduce the risk of terrorist organisations latching on to our location, we should not put to much detail on the blog and let it lag by a couple of days. Now we are about to arrive back in Europe, we can no longer use that as an excuse for not writing to what must now be almost a dozen avid readers. (I won’t mention you by name, but I pretty much know who you are)

Although I liked spending time in marakesh with Elaine, and not having to drive for a couple of days, it’s not the sort of place to rush back to and I was looking forward to the challenge of getting the old girl home, my astra that is, not Elaine.

After what seemed and age to sort out the bill we all went to the car park and loaded up. With in a few minutes, we had said outer good byes and were a on our way to Europe. The traffic was as expected, manic. Constantly being cut up and having to jostle for position against a swarm of mopeds. We made good progress then when comming into a roundabout, a large four by four decided to egnor my presence on the road and drove into the side of me while changing lanes. I guess in hind sight, I should have beeped my horn, but I didn’t and we crashed, we were only doing around 30mph at the time but it had a significant effect on my front drivers side wind! and non what so ever on the relatively new Nissan. We both pulled over after the roundabout, I was unsure of the protocol for accidents, but not having looked at my car and going straightt over to his, I was not to concerned. The driver was a fairly well educated black guy with a very pleasant nature, we both looked around his car, it was clear he was in the wrong and his body language told me he knew he was. No major damage to his car, we shook hands and I gave him one of the cards with our web site on and we moved on. He was a nice guy and I didn’t want to give him hastle, it was a simple ace dent and no damage done.

Further up the motorway, Jim asked if all was well and how bad the damage to my car was, “Jim” I said, I don’t know because I haven’t looked. Jim said the front wind was a bit beaten up. On the next roundabout, I could hear the front wheel rubbing against the fender, Doh, better check that some time!

The main rout north is paeage that cost in total around 150DM from marakech to Ceuta a good road! fairly flat and quite fast. Motorways are not like the uk. People gather grass for their donkeys in the central reservation, cops stand in the central reservation with speed cameras, farmers constantly looking to cross the road on foot to tend there flocks, a bit dangerous.
There is a lot of danger in this country, yesterday in marakech, we saw into a workshop where Tiber was being processed, there was no safety gaurds on the machines and the operators were not wearing any protective clothing. I tried to suggest the PPE stations could be used on the shop floor where people could collect ear and ey protection and gloves etc, similar to those made by the Colour red! one of or sponsors who provide a briliant service to industry UK wide. I think my suggestions would be ignored.

We had lunch at around 3pm, usuall noodles and veg, very nice too. I would like to take this opertunity to thank nick for his assistance with the cooking on this trip and for all the help the rest of the team have given in eating the food and helping with the washing up!

I found the sticky on flags I had bought for Morocco and Western Sahara and stuck them on my now bent front wing, I had to move the one for Rhodes and Kimberly, who provide and excellent service as pattern makers for lots of major manufacturers around the West Midlands and the uk. I have been dealing with Rhodes and Kimberley now for a couple of years, and I think they are a really good company, friendly knowledgable and very helpful.

We caught the ferry from Ceuta at 9pm CET, the time in morocco is as the UK but Ceuta is set to European time. Good bye Africa, catch you again some time

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