More Day 2

I have had some goo ideas in my time, but driving to the Sahara desert in a car with a dodgy cooling system, isn’t one of them. We are driving down towards the port near Gibraltar on a Spanish motorway, it must be 30 degrees outside and we have the heater on flat out to dissipate some of the heat from the engine. What adds insult to injury is the drivers window won’t open so when driving you are going to cook. It’s now 3:30 and it is sunny, proper sunny like we don’t get on your side of the channel, not good.
Sally the sat nave had a turn on us this morning, she could not find herself for ago,it three hours, fortunately, we had 196 miles to do on the same road so she wouldn’t have had too much to say. We eventually got her going just in time to make our first junction, you can’t beat a nice junction.  This time it was a left turn, one of my favorite directions.
Communication between cars  is vital if you want stop for a brew or fuel, that’s why we bought the two way radios, however that description isn’t exactly accurate, ours is a one way radio, we can talk to the other two cars but they can’t talk to us, however, we soon devised a plan, we talk to them and they reply using a simple morse code by flashing their head lights once for yes, twice for no. Unfortunately this only works if we are in front, and given our overheating issues we are usually trailing some way behind. Such is life, well at least the camera has been reliable, err, no it hasn’t, it overheated on the dash board and refused to function until mark held it out of the window (passenger side of course, drivers side doesn’t work) for 5 miles to the amusement of the other two drivers on the motorway.

Mark has just decided that the sun roof should be set to slide mode and opened wide to get the heat out, so hats to or my head will boil. Next post will be about last night. I better not write too much on this mail or my ipad will probably break,  oh, before I go, the TEP which is supposed to give us wireless internet in Europe does not work. Never ever consider hiring one of these units, they are s**t

However if you are thinking of installing a swimming pool or sauna, Colley construction in Martin are briliant! as used by the soon to be best hotel in mid wales the dragon montgomery.

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