The Last Minute

Why do I always leave everything to the last minute, the car is over heating, the window won’t wind down, I have lost my driving licence and I haven’t ironed my sleeping bag yet. Despite this, I have a plan, a new door is arriving tomorrow, hopefully with a functioning window, I think I may have now fixed the overheating thing, and at least I have found my sleeping bag. I was delighted to find that my friend Clive had very kindly dropped off a bag of ear plugs today, not to give me some peace while driving, more while sleeping, thinking of our trip to Asia last year! I know snoring can be an issue and I like a good nights sleep? fortunately for the rest of the crew, I don’t snore ;-)
I think today for the first time in a long time I have started to look forward to the trip. I have a vague feeling that we are going to have a real adventure. I have heard today that the riff value in northern morocco is a bit of an issue with cannabis cultivation a significant wealth creator. There is word that it can be a violent area and should be avoided at night. Given the preferred cash crop it surprises me that they can be bothered to be violent, we expect to be through the riff valley within a day of landing in Africa.

I have a fridge. I made it out of a wooden box and some bits off another fridge. It will hook up to the power in the boot of the astra and keep food and drink cool. It’s not very powerful so I have frozen a bottle of water to get it started , perhaps the fridge will keep it cool. Thanks to F.T. For the original fridge. Photos to follow.

The kitchenette now not only includes a fridge but a work top, a two ring stove and, just installed, a drawer. The drawer, like many kitchen drawers is already full of non kitchen related stuff, spinners, insulation tape, etc.

It is less that 48hours till we leave, the trip that was originally planned on our way out,of Telford on our way to Asia last year. I am most looking forward to looking at the stars in the Sahara, sticking more flags on the fender, cooking up lunch in the astra kitchenette .


PS. Jim washed my car tonight, the last time my car was washed I was going for an interview for my job at TI Automotive

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