The route through Fez

We were all tired and we wanted to find a hotel in fez quickly and have a relax. We had no idea what the city was going to be like and how easy it would be to find a hotel.

The place was a nightmare, traffic everywhere people and chaos , and we were lost.. A couple of lads on a motor bike pulled up by the car as we were driving through the city and wished us welcome, I thanked them and took the opertunity to ask if they knew of a hotel with parking. They took us to the worst place in the city to take a car, right in the middle of the madina , it was a nightmare with winding streets that were only wide enough for one car and thousands of people , we eventually got to the place they wanted us to be, it was anarchy and we did not think it an appropriate place to leave the cars. We wanted to get out of there and quickly, they offered us an alternative. We eventually got there , and although it was expensive it was worth it

The Riad

Inside the RiadInside the riad

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