Tinghir to Agadir

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Mohamed was an excellent host at the guest house in tinghir, the view from our room in the morning was spectacular, probably not changed since Jesus was a lad, Mohamed told us that his grand fathers house around the corner was 3000 years old, what an incredible age.
More desert
For breakfast on the terrace,we had savory pancakes, tea and coffee and bread and honey, it was just the ticket, we were on the road by 8:30 heading for our next stop in Agadir. 580 Km away

Probably one of the less eventful days so far, roads were good, we saw camels, in fact we almost ran them over and an accident was only prevented by the Shepard girl with agressive stick waving. Good to see the camels though.
Desert Kasbah
Apart from a couple of minor issues with the car alternator and the constant battle with overheating it was a relatively easy day in the Sadle. We arrived at our hotel at around 5 pm 67 euros for three twin rooms, happy days. It is a large modern hotel with a large out door swimming pool all rooms en-suite, good value but in comparison to last night, a featureless event.
Film studios
We went out for something to eat which was 50 euros for six of us and spent an hour discussing plans to get back to marakesh in time to meet the girls. Here is the plan, tomorrow we aim to get to Laayoune, the next day we aim to go to the tropic and back to Daklah for the night, that will be a big drive, the next day Dakhla to tan tan then on to marakesch for Saturday. We have a long way to go and maybe we should have done more miles today to free up time later on. We are where we are and we are all still enjoying the trip. I wanted to stay in Daklah since we planned this trip but it is around seventy to one hundred miles out of our way, we are all happy to do that.

Morocco is largely dry so the chance of a pint at the end of the day is not guaranteed, last night we had a bit of scotch left, tonight we have had a couple of bottles of beer in the hotel bar but I think we are the only guests using the service, the bar is located by the pool but they seem happy to bring us a drink into the hotel.

The routine of the day.

Here is how things go for me and mark as a daily routine of getting to where we need to be, Some time prior to setting off, we check oil and water and adjust accordingly, given our overheating issues, this is a pretty important activity, the car has to keep going to get us out of morocco otherwise we will be heavily taxed as it becomes an import, or we are fined for dumping it. Once on the road we generally set the sat nav to show altitude, this is important as the higher we go the thinner the air and cooler it gets, giving us an advantage with cooling, also we know once we are above 1000m we are not going to go much higher in this area, the highest we have been on this trip is 2202 m, this is the highest my car has ever been, prior to this, it was 1900m in the alps on the Asia trip. Once we are on the road we manage the overheating using the manual fan switch and if it still gets high we have to resort to the cabin heating to disperse engine heat. This is hard work having the heater on at noon in the Sahara. I normally start the first driving shift and mark takes photos as we drive along , we generally split the drive into roughly two halves. We normally stop for dinner at around 3pm and get a snack mid morning, fuel is as and when available. It costs around £35 to fill up. For lunch we have noodles and stir fried veg, it’s good, and very quick to prepare. The car is running at about 53mpg.

We haven’t seen much of agadir but is seems live a fairly modern city well developed and clean and tidy with a strong leaning towards tourism and service industry for the area. It’s not a place we would come back too, it lacks the culture of the other places we have stayed. But it give contrast to the trip.

Agadir Hotel

We saw, on our way into the agadir a pick up truck with a camel in the back. The camels head was poking out of the top and looking at the traffic as the pick up went along.

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